Rule Number 1

  1. My Face when it sees anything related to a music festival.

    My Face when it sees anything related to a music festival.

  2. I’m sorry, which month is it?

  3. We got a new lamp over the weekend. #ikea

    We got a new lamp over the weekend. #ikea

  4. ljm:



    oh fuck he getting it

    this video is so good-hearted. this video has never failed to make me smile


    Don’t be thrown off by the seemingly inanimate twig man in the thumbnail. You wanna watch this.

    (via petethrillhouse)

  5. I really hope that the three posts that show up when you hover over my username on tumblr make me look like less of an idiot than 95% of the people I see in recommended blogs.

  6. I was wondering why the vacuum didn’t work very well.

    I was wondering why the vacuum didn’t work very well.

  7. Wow

    My cheeks are in literal pain from the end of that movie.


  8. This is the End is HILARIOUS

  9. Jeopardy is just being overtly racist tonight.

  10. You ever become faced with a task at work…

    And you know what you need to do. And you know how to do it. But there’s one tiny anthill in your way of getting it done. So you just throw your hands up in the air and claim it to be impossible?

    That’s where I’m at right now.

  11. Officially Purchased Tickets to Arsenal vs New York Red Bulls

    Who wants to let me and Krista sleep on their floor?

  12. I’ve never witnessed worse science than ESPN’s Sports Science.

    No, that is not how you mention a margin of error on a put.

  13. But now I’m wondering if what I consider “reporting” is just a form of aggregating, of skimming, of lifting the best parts of a scientist’s work and repurposing it for my own interests. These scientists have spent many, many years doing research, much of it at the very edge of the knowable, where finding a new piece of solid data is a laborious process that may require long nights at the computer or the laboratory bench, or mulling a bust of Galileo, and this work has to be slotted among other obligations, including grant applications, peer-reviewing papers, teaching, advising graduate students, holding office hours, serving on faculty committees and schmoozing at the faculty club. And here I am calling up and saying: “Give me the fruit of your mental labors.” Asking for the ripest fruit, as it were. Asking not just for information but for wisdom. Give it to me! For free. And they did, because they always do, because we have a system of sorts.
    Joel Achenbach (via soupsoup)

    As a scientist this sort of thing weighs on me a lot. I do my work and if it’s ground breaking it could often be lumped in to the general ‘researchers achieve’ credit.

    However, I also consider science reporters an incredibly valuable resource. As scientists our best skills are at the workbench producing results. There is a well deserved stereotype that we are often poor communicators. If we weren’t, communications courses wouldn’t be nearly as much of a requirement in our training as they are. So scientific journalists and reporters offer us a much needed service. They undertake the job of translator; they do what they can to make our discoveries palatable to the public while we focus on further research.

    Scientific outreach is one of my passions. I believe scientific literacy and curiosity can be had by everyone. Communicating that passion and belief is not always easy. For every Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the belle of the ballroom so to speak, there are thousands of Alex Wrights stammering through a presentation in front of 9 people. Reporters and Journalists are there for our benefit, to get our knowledge out to there world in a way far more effective than we could ever achieve ourselves.

    Of course, as with any profession, there are good and bad reporters in the community. The fact that such an issue weighs on this particular journalist suggests to me that they are one of the good ones. Reporting on science is not an easy job.

  14. The First Top Ten List: Top Ten Words That Almost Rhyme with “Peas”


    10. Heats
    9. Rice
    8. Moss
    7. Ties
    6. Needs
    5. Lens
    4. Ice
    3. Nurse
    2. Leaks

    1. Meats


  15. Its gonna be a long night in the office. I came prepared.

    Its gonna be a long night in the office. I came prepared.