Rule Number 1

  1. I got jokes

    I got jokes

  2. Comedy!

    Just bought tickets for Krista and I to go see Louis CK as part of the JFL42 festival in Toronto this September.

    I’m also hoping to attend a couple Nerdist Podcast recordings and the Pete Holmes stand up show. I just hope I reserve our spots before they fill up!

  3. I should be a Dad with these jokes.

    What operating system do Deer use?


    What operating system do pizza makers use?


    What operating system does Homer Simpson use?


    What operating system do prescription drug patients use?


    What operating system do geeks use?


  4. I wish I lived in LA

    I’d go to pretty much every show at Nerdmelt.

    Chris Hardwick’s set last night was hilarious. I’m glad I got a chance to meet him too. I can only imagine that the rest of the nerdist crew is just as awesome.

    Now of you’ll excuse me I’ll be over in the corner holding this binder in front of my nerd boner.

  5. Remove Your Paper Beards!

    NBC Confirms the return of Community sometime in the Spring!