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  1. ☛ A very cool visualization of the Premier League Table so far.
  2. ZLATAN!

  3. Soccer

    It’s the greatest sport on Earth.

  4. Arsenal 5 - 2 Tottenham Hotspur

    I spent a long time writing this last night. I’d love it if you took the time to read it.


    The North London Derby is a time honored tradition in English Football. It dates back to 1887, one hundred years before your author’s birth, when Royal Arsenal traveled from South London (where they were located at the time) to Tottenham in North London. The proper rivalry began in 1913 when Royal Arsenal relocated to Highbury and painted North London red.

    The match that took place on 27 February 2012 was one for the history books. It was a game of thirds. The prologue labelled Arsenal as being faulty. Tottenham were described by the media as the new big club in North London. This was supposed to be the worst team fielded in 15 years for Arsenal, while our opponents were hailed as the greatest Spurs side in 50 years. The first act did a wonderful job to set up the conflict for our heroes. As the first act came to a close the crescendo of the second act ushered in the final third which saw our Gunners reign victorious and silence their critics.

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  5. goonersdream:

    North London is RED by VladVideo

    This is such an awesome video. I’d be lying if I didn’t say the soundtrack helped make me cry at my desk.

    Just watch it, and you’ll see why I love Arsenal.

  6. Sunderland 1 - 2 Arsenal

    I wrote another match review. It’s another long read. I am a major Arsenal Nerd. As always, feedback is welcome. I want to get better at this.


    If I had to describe this match in as few words as possible they would be: (in chronological order) Frustration, Patience, Dread, Vindication and Legend.

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  7. Arsenal 7 - 1 Blackburn

    Hey y’all.

    So, I started an Arsenal blog. If you’re a fan your follow would be mighty appreciated. Mostly Match Reviews and WORDS.


    This was a result that everyone involved with Arsenal needed.

    The fans needed a commanding performance to lift their spirits. The team needed to shake off some unfortunate results and get back on track, and shake they did.

    I was watching this game from the comfort of my living room in Ottawa, Ontario. I had a feeling coming into it that this would be a special game. The last time I had to wake up for an 8AM kick off we came from behind to defeat Chelsea 5-3 away. Perhaps I was really just hoping that the game would be entertaining so that I could stay awake - I had only got to sleep at 3AM the night before. But I digress, to the game!

    There were a few changes from the squad that faced Bolton only 3 days prior. Aaron Ramsey made way to Tomasz Rosicky, while Francis Coquelin filled in for Bacary Sagna who is still vying for full fitness after returning from injury. I was glad to see Rosicky chosen over Ramsey as I feel that Aaron has been slipping in form lately. The Sagna replacement suggests to me that 2 starts in 4 days proved to be just too much for the exceptional right back. Coquelin did not disappoint and played very well in the position. He and Theo provided a terror to the Blackburn defense.

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  9. They hurt

    They hurt